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Chair Sashes: How and When to Use Them

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Chair sashes aren't something you hear talked about very often, but if you're planning an event, they can be just the right touch to finish off your space. 

When to Use Chair Sashes

While any special occasion can be upgraded with these fun sashes, you might want to try using them for the following events: 

Weddings - a nice chiffon sash can perfectly set off the bridal chair, or you can use them on all the seats. For a more rustic look, burlap sashes are great, too.

Quince AƱos - Celebrating a special girl's 15th birthday? Decorate her special chair with a fancy sash in her party colors.

Birthday Parties - Kids' birthday parties will be extra fun with some chair sashes. You can choose from theme colors and tie them to any chair.

Graduation Ceremonies - Set the grads apart by decorating their chairs with sashes and ensuring they will be noticed. Crushed taffeta bows are great when selected in grad colors.  

How to Use Chair Sashes

It's relatively simple to set up a chair sash. You'll get the fabric and just have to tie it neatly around the chair. Purchasing the sashes ensures you get the right length of already-finished fabric.It's easy to add to a chair and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

It's surprisingly easy to use chair sashes and you can instantly make any occasion feel extra special by adding them to the event. Whether you use one, a handful or a full room of chair sashes, everything is bound to look perfect. Just select the right fabric and color for your event and start tying.

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About the author: Genesis Davies is a freelance writer and avid seamstress. She enjoys sewing for fun and charity. You can find more of her work at http://inkyourway.com.

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